DNF Reviews: The Soulkeepers and Subliminal

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The Soulkeepers by G. P. ChingThe Soulkeepers by G.P. Ching

Series: The Soulkeepers #1

Rating: 1 of 5 stars/DNF

When fifteen-year-old Jacob Lau is pulled from the crumpled remains of his mother’s car, no one can explain why he was driving or why the police can’t find his mother’s body. Made a ward of his uncle and thousands of miles from home, a beautiful and mysterious neighbor offers to use her unique abilities to help him find his mom. In exchange, she requires Jacob to train as a Soulkeeper, a warrior charged with protecting human souls.

He agrees to her demands, desperate for any clue to the mystery of his mother’s disappearance. But soon Jacob finds himself trapped in a web of half-truths, and questions her motives for helping him.

boooooorrringggg. so disappointed. no plot progression in like 200ish pages. i didnt wanna give up. really. i didnt. but the absolute lack of anything goin on finally persuaded me to abandon my chivalrous side and say, “fuck this. im done.” the most alluring part of the whole thing was jacobs relationship with malini and even that morphed into this huge snoozefest that i skimmed until the last three lines.

Subliminal by Brian BlockerSubliminal by Brian Blocker

Rating: 1 of 5 stars/DNF

Robert Dawes is a hard man to say no to. In fact, it’s almost impossible not to let him have his way. After using his charm to construct the perfect life and conquer his part of the corporate world, he meets a stranger who tells him the real reason for his success. Robert is subconsciously controlling the minds of others. There are more people like Robert. Some want to help him develop his abilities, some want to harness his power for their own ends. As Robert struggles to control his growing power before it consumes him, he is drawn into a conflict that threatens his sanity, his family, and the future of mankind.

SUBLIMINAL is pretty much a prime example of why I didn’t read adult books for the longest. Let me re-phrase: it’s a prime example of why I usually stick with YA even though it can be so bad as to convince me to give up the whole overarching genre some days.

Why? Because it’s just so boring. Books like these, there’s no life in them, no spark of interest. And I actually LIKED Robert, the main character. He was a pretty stand-up guy. But I got to page 45 or something and there was no progress, no sense of somethin happening at all. I just couldn’t hold out and wait for my interest to pique. The fact of the matter is I have more attention-getting books to be reading and not enough time to waste on somethin that’s gonna put me to sleep.

I wanted to love this. I really did. It just wasn’t for me I guess.


These are the subliminal messages I found:
[Hello. Who are you. Why are you waiting. Open your eyes. Break free. Six found treasures.]


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