The Aslaric Vampire by David Weaver

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The Aslaric Vampire by David WeaverThe Aslaric Vampire by David Weaver

Series: Eternal Death #1

Rating: 1 of 5 stars/DNF

An Aslaric Vampire is not affected by Holy Water or garlic beads.

He or she is not affected by sunlight or crosses.

They do not sleep in coffins or create other vampires by biting humans on the neck.

~They are the new rulers of the vampire kingdom. They are Aslaric.~

18 year old Bristol has to go without love for 225 years in order for her and her family to receive all of their powers. It has been 220 years, and she has just met a 17 year old human named Marvin. Can Bristol go the extra 5 years without falling for Marvin?

Wow, what a hot mess. Who thought it was acceptable to publish this confused, terribly punctuated, told-not-shown, utterly uncompelling, in fact repulsive example of gangrenous storytelling all wrapped up in poorly written execution? I should obviously have not given it a shot, but since I did… this is what’s left of my astonishment.


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