The Underworld by Jessica Sorensen

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The Underworld by Jessica SorensenThe Underworld by Jessica Sorensen

Series: Fallen Star #2

Rating: 3 of 5 stars

Gemma thought her mind was gone, but she was wrong. And now she is left trying to figure out the truth to what Stephan is planning to do with her and the star, before it’s too late. But finding out the truth is hard, especially since Gemma doesn’t know who she can trust. There may be only one person who Gemma can turn to for answers, but that means having to go to the one place no one wants to go-The Underworld.

I was pretty impressed by the significance of The Underworld on the Fallen Star universe. It followed a pretty logical path and kept me interested the whole way through. The characters are given a layer of depth… not much, but it’s there, so, hey, points. I must say that they’re either mostly absent or frustrating, though.

(Laylen, for example, the worst vampire known to man. He’s useless–sure, he can jump from a second-story window with Gemma on his back, but how in the hell can’t he make it back up? Makes no sense. Useless vampire award! And Gemma and Alex’s interaction with one another. WHY ARE THEY ALWAYS FIGHTING OVER NOTHING? Boo.)

Good pace, good progression. The writing is still weak, loose, underwhelming and unimaginative stuff, and I had examples highlighted, but I think I’ll change my mind on that point. Needs tightening and strengthening ASAP. Do some Kegels, writing!

Oh and wtf @ my copy not having a cover?! Ratchet.


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    […] The Fallen Star, Gemma discovers she’s half of a fallen star. In The Underworld, Gemma rescues her mother from The Underworld. In The Vision, Gemma corrects the vision that set […]

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