Hacienda Moon by KaSonndra Leigh

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Hacienda Moon by KaSonndra LeighHacienda Moon by KaSonndra Leigh

Series: Path Seekers #1

Rating: 3 of 5 stars

Love, obsession, and betrayal, the most powerful human emotions, are spun together in this gothic novel. Tandie Harrison is a police medium who has just suffered a divorce after losing both her psychic visions and her daughter in a car accident. When she leaves New York City to start a new life near her hometown, she moves into the alluring plantation house, Chelby Rose, and falls for its charismatic caretaker, Eric Fontalvo. Their burgeoning affair ignites a centuries old curse, ensnaring them in a web of danger, deceit, and intrigue. Soon Tandie learns that in placid Bolivia, the worlds of the living and the dead are dangerously connected. Hacienda Moon is a seductive tale of one woman’s journey to confront the demons of her past and find the courage to face her future. It is a mesmerizing novel that explores the deepest depths of human nature, and the characters will hold and haunt you long after you have read the final chapter.

Note: The author is my friend, but that has nothing to do with my opinion of the book or my review.

Hacienda Moon and I got off to kind of a rocky start. There’s a lot going on, and the absolutely mundane beginning of Tandie and Eric’s meeting in an airport for a good two seconds (wherein they didn’t even exchange names) set me off on the wrong foot. From the way this book began, you’d never think it beheld some creepy, haunting, dark stuff. Color me surprised–and, strangely, pleased.

Because it is in the creepy, haunting, dark parts of this story that the power of it all pulls through the most. The writing, while at some points is a little jarring, comes together during the creepy scenes. The atmosphere, while at other times seems rather lacking, lays on the haunting thick. And the dread I felt reading the dark portions, usually involving death, were spot-fuckin’-on. Outside of this, the story tried, it really did, but in the beginning it just wasn’t working out. Until this happened:

Another thunderclap rumbled the store, startling Tandie. She peeked through the small window of the dirty wooden door and checked the rain’s intensity. A figure stood beside the driver side door to her car. Lightning flashed and bathed the street in light, making it easy to see the shadowed figure belonged to a man. And then the street darkened, covering his shadow. A few seconds later, lightning flashed again, showing how empty the street was now.

p. 33

From that point onward, I was pretty much invested. Though still rocky, the story improved until I found myself at a point where I didn’t even get distracted by small things like syntactical structure and Tandie constantly talking aloud to herself. It was just a really fun, sometimes kinda freaky, ride that I dove headfirst into, which is why I gave it the grand title of “bathroom break book”–because I would not let Hacienda Moon go.

The only reason I’m givin’ it a 3 instead of a 4 is due to the beginning, mostly, Tandie’s novel excerpts (noooo. Also, how the fuck do you not notice the first 20 pages of your manuscript are missing? And why did Miss Marsha not mention it before she started reading page 21 at the start? e.o) and Saul. Because I HATE love triangles. Even subtle ones. Maybe The Emerald Isle will resolve his little obsession with Tandie, but until then I will hold his weird ass in contempt. Hmph.


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