The Demon Bride by Dianna Hardy

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The Demon Bride by Dianna HardyThe Demon Bride by Dianna Hardy

Series: The Witching Pen Novellas #3

Rating: 5 of 5 stars

Two thousand and eleven years after the birth of the Failed One, the Witching Pen will be made manifest on Earth by the Great Shanka Witch of the Old Scrolls. By her hand, the Earth will rumble and shatter, and all dimensions will bleed into one.

The true purpose of the Witching Pen has been revealed, and it must be destroyed before an apocalyptic prophecy comes true. There’s just one problem — the Pen is indestructible.

As everyone searches for much needed answers, Elena lays down plans for a radical mission to save her mother from the Shanka’s shadow world.

Meanwhile, Mary has finally discovered who she really is, and what that means for the human race.

What Mary doesn’t know, is that Gwain has been searching for her for over ten thousand years, and had lost all hope of finding her. Now that he has her, he’s faced with an impossible choice: does he save the woman who altered his very existence, or does he sacrifice her to save mankind?

Images of Jasmine hit her first–its creamy white petals, its overpowering scent–then everything else rushed in, and she let it, a deep ache pulsing within her that had everything and nothing to do with her desire. She saw acres of woodland and deep, dark forests; oceans that spanned eternity; mountains that guarded the balance of life and the secrets of death; stars that kept history alive from one generation to the next… She breathed it all in, something archaic inside her dancing for joy. Home… she was home.

p. 301

So, let me start off by saying, HOLY HELL FUCK YES! I absolutely 100% thoroughly enjoy this fuckin’ series! It’s literally everything–down to the writing. (Okay, the writing’s not stellar, but it’s nothing to scoff at, either, and it has its shiny moments–like in the passage above.) Even if this were the last of it, I’d be totally satisfied with this series.

Because The Sands of Time was interesting, yeah, but it was super short and felt a little filler-y, but it introduced the biggest character of the series right next to Elena’s plight: Mary has fallen into Hell. Not only that, but a whole fuckin’ SLEW of AWESOME SHIT happens, and I gobbled it up in delicious mouthfuls.

I can’t discuss much of the plot (not that I want to anyway, it’s a treasure you’ll have to discover on your own!) because so much of its amazingness rests on making the discoveries for oneself, but JUST KNOW: if you thought Karl and Elena were spot-on (still my favorite, those two), or that Pueblo and Amy were great, then you’re gonna have to move them a little to the side because Mary and Gwain are pretty much the business. Period point blank.

There’s simply no other way to put it. None.

I’m crossin’ my fingers that The Last Dragon doesn’t huff up everything that’s come to pass in the past few installments, but from the looks of the epilogue it doesn’t seem like Hardy’s in danger of disappointing anyone.

I am SO FUCKIN STOKED right now. It’s ridiculous.

Read this book. Read this book. Read this book.

That is all.


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