Twilight by Anya Bast

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Twilight by Anya BastTwilight by Anya Bast

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The dark, the light and one to merge them.

Nico and Dai have searched for years for the third member of their Sacred Triad. Their combined energy released in a sexual ritual will drag their reality back from the Encroaching Darkness, a mystical force that threatens their world.

Finally, Nico and Dai have found her. But Twyla has been emotionally damaged by an event in her past and has lost her magick. It will take all of Nico and Dai’s deep love to help her overcome her fear and give her the sexual healing she desperately needs.

I have absolutely no idea how Anya Bast does it, but every erotica novella of hers that I’ve read so far has seemed like a small chunk taken out a much larger universe. They feel like snippets in a surprisingly fleshed out world, almost as though I could insert them into full-fledged novels, and they’d feel right at home among the pages of a longer project. That was the case with Fury and Tranquility, and it’s damned near the same case here with Twilight.

It follows Dai and Nico, who are two parts of a three-sided Sacred Triad, looking for their final leg of the fucking tripod. (That was a really, really bad Girl Next Door reference.) Dai is short-tempered, lighter-complected half while Nico is the darker, more composed one. They both find and protect (wait for it) Twyla, who’s been scarred by a terribly violent rape done to both her and her mother years ago. It was an incident that caused her magick to flee from her and take refuge in Nico and Dai.

Now, aside from the atrocity that is Twyla’s name, this book is actually pretty well put together. Twyla has made it exceedingly difficult for anyone to find her because she’s been running from town to town since the incident, and Nico and Dai are runnin’ out of time to pin her down and complete their Triad because the Encroaching Darkness is… well, encroaching, sinking the world into an ever more present darkness. Boom. The catch? (And what just so happens to be my favorite thing about Twilight?) Nico and Dai are both men, and they’re lovers.

I thought that aspect was especially interesting because, initially, Twyla feels as though she is intruding on their relationship even though they insist she join the Triad. When, really, they want her to join! I dunno, I just get warm fuzzies when I see a male/male relationship handled as well as Anya Bast handled Nico and Dai’s here, sexually and emotionally. Being that they really had to be careful around Twyla for the first half of their relationship with her due to her understandable fear of men overpowering her, I was surprised when I found myself genuinely rooting for them. Usually, when a man panders to a woman’s fear, it freaks me out because it seems insincere, but Dai and Nico had none of the creep factor going on.

Tears coursed down her cheeks and Dai leaned over her and tenderly kissed them away. Their love felt like a palpable thing, like a velvet blanket wrapping around her, warming her through. If love was an energy, Dai and Nico emanated it now in totality. The sensation made her heart swell with deep emotion, made her see the world so differently. No longer was it a world where she was made to run and hide from those who wished her harm. Her reality was suddenly filled with the bright light of belonging and mutual caring.

She was loved.

That knowledge transformed everything.

p. 161

I’m kinda gonna miss these three. I wish there were more books – or novellas or whatever – that explored this Sacred Triad stuff. Because, honestly, think of the possibilities! With three sides to a Triad, there’s always room for fun – and foolery – in the mix, I think! I don’t expect there will be any more, but I guess that just means I’ll have to write my own. ;]


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