Keeping Kaitlyn by Anya Bast

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Keeping Kaitlyn by Anya BastKeeping Kaitlyn by Anya Bast

Series: Lycaon #1

Rating: 1.5 of 5 stars

Kaitlyn leads a regular life in a normal town, until one day the force of an unknown connection pulls her into an alternate reality. On the flip side of the veil Kaitlyn finds herself in the hands of two powerful dire wolf shifters, Rafian and Lucas, who tell her she is their mate.

Lucas has lost everything to the Magica Hunters who want the Lycaon shifters driven from their world. He passionately craves Kaitlyn and must employ every ounce of his formidable control once she’s near enough to touch. Her presence soothes the pain of his past.

Rafian has experienced loss too, though his comes with a dark guilt that haunts him. His brand of loving involves rope and handcuffs, acts he knows Kaitlyn may not be ready for, but he has waited years for her and it’s difficult to master his desires.

Together, he and Lucas tempt Kaitlyn’s body with every erotic move they have to make, while they stealthily seduce her heart. They make her see them for who they truly are – her perfect matches in every way.

Lucas and Rafian awaken emotion and passion in Kaitlyn that she’s never known, but the weight pulling at her from the other side of the veil is formidable. Will she be able to stay with the men she loves?

In my last Anya Bast ménage review, Twilight, I made mention of the fact that even though there were two men and a woman coupling, there was nothing creepy about it. Sure, it’s a little off the beaten path, but it’s not like I didn’t enjoy it. Quite the opposite, I enjoyed the whole “we all love each other, sexually and emotionally” thing those three had goin’ on. Keeping Kaitlyn takes a different approach to the three-way freeway; instead of overall mutual care – sexual or otherwise – all the attention is focused on Kaitlyn, and, in effect, the two men – Rafian and Lucas – have to share her.

Enter the creep factor.

I’m not a big fan of sharing. There’s some quote floating around the interwebz accredited to Johnny Depp (but who knows who actually said it, amirite?) saying, “If you love two people at the same time, choose the second. Because if you really loved the first one, you wouldn’t have fallen for the second.” Wise words. (It’s a part of why I have a gigantic problem with poorly done so-called “love triangles.” Excuse me while I shudder in revulsion for a beat.) Now, in Twilight, it wasn’t that big a deal because they were all in it together. However, in Keeping Kaitlyn, no such connection exists between the men. They’re literally sharing her out of necessity – because women in their reality are rare, and that’s “just how they do things.”

It didn’t help that Lucas and Rafian didn’t even really seem to like each other as people all that much. For that matter, nor did Kaitlyn. She spends the first half of the book kinda resenting both of them for essentially kidnapping her (although, it wasn’t really them), and then all of a sudden she’s fallen for both of them. Nope. Can’t get me to believe that. Sorry. I like my erotica with a least a little bit of substance. (Is that a crime?) Which is why I usually like Anya Bast’s work – she likes to provide little glances into whole worlds with her short sexy novellas.

Much the same can be expected of Keeping Kaitlyn – as it did, in total fairness, deliver on that front – but it just didn’t sell me. Two guys lickin’ their lips after one little ol’ girly? No, thanks. That’s never a recipe that will sit well with me. Ah, well. At least I was given the opportunity to exercise my half-star sensibilities with this one.

Lemme finish with this: I like Anya Bast’s work. I’m gonna have to check out her longer series to see what’s she offering there. I just wish that, instead of expanding on the Lycaon frontier, she’d expand on the Sacred Triad universe that Twilight takes place in, that’s all.


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