Shadow Bound by Angel Lawson

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Shadow Bound by Angel LawsonShadow Bound by Angel Lawson

Series: Wraith #2

Rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

After recovering from a horrific fire that took the lives of two people and released her best friend, Evan, to pass from this world to the next, Jane Watts finally has a chance to live a normal life.

If you consider seeing and guiding ghosts normal.

It’s summer and Jane and her friend, Ava, spend the hot, humid days working and hanging at the pool while Jane’s boyfriend, Connor, attends summer school. With the ghosts under control, things are going well until a friend from Connor’s past reconnects with him. Hours later she kills herself. Charlotte’s suicide throws Connor into a tailspin and her ghost latches on to Jane because, as they learned from Evan, ghosts only linger if they need something.

Unfortunately, Charlotte doesn’t need something. She wants something.

In Shadow Bound, Jane struggles with the fact that not every spirit is welcome and not all have good intentions. With Ava’s help, Jane stumbles into a decades-old murder, what her gift really means and how to save Connor from forces intent on destroying them all.

“Look, Connor, I don’t know what’s going on with you, but that’s because you won’t tell me. You’ve shut me out and I’m flying solo over here. But I can promise you one thing,” I said, grasping onto the door knob, “you need to get yourself together. See the doctor, listen to your parents or otherwise you’re going to end up back in the hospital.”

He stood across from me stone-faced, but I could see the red rims of his eyes.

I stepped into the house and said, “You’re also going to end up alone.”

p. 57

Needless to say, Jane and Connor are having some problems. Since Wraith, things haven’t been bad, but as soon as Connor receives news that an old friend of his named Charlotte has committed suicide, things go south. Fast. Now, Jane and Connor have a generally sweet relationship, but as Jane’s best friend Ava points out it’s also a really intense connection that they share. It makes sense – they’re both the only other one aside from themselves who can communicate with the dead. But like I said, they’re both still teenagers trying to figure themselves out.

So when they started having problems, I didn’t roll my eyes. Know why? It was believable! Weird, right? That a young adult couple can actually have supernatural problems and deal with them in normal ways? Connor freaks out when his friend dies and starts acting a little erratically, sliding into old bad habits; meanwhile Jane freaks out over the fact that Connor seems to keep slipping up. They argue. They make up. Something else happens and they argue a little more. But honestly? I’ve never seen a relationship handled so well. I was rooting for them the whole time, of course, but when things didn’t exactly pan out I didn’t throw my Nook, Anaïs, to the ground in frustration (as is usual protocol) because I was seriously thinking to myself, “Well, hm. Can’t really blame ’em.”

That alone earned this book the first three stars. The rest, I’m afraid, should’ve been a four – and would’ve been had I been a little more invested in the story – but that’s not a bad things. These are short, good books with great characters – Angel Lawson handles the relationship between female characters quite well, both the good and the bad – and compulsively readable plots. There’s no way around it. Although a few verb tense and punctuation issues cropped up now and again, even the writing was solid. I have no real complaints. I liked them  – both of them, both Wraith and Shadow Bound – quite a lot. I’m excited to see where the last book takes us (which, after doin’ a little perusing, I found should be revealed in February, I think. :D).

“I’m here for you and I’m not going away again no matter what. From now on, we fight these demons together.”

p. 131


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