Fragile Figures (Deluxe Edition) by SECRETS

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Secrets_-_Fragile_Figures_(Deluxe_Edition)Fragile Figures (Deluxe Edition) by SECRETS

Rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

Fragile Figures is the second album by post-hardcore band Secrets, released by Rise Records on July 23, 2013. It is the band’s second album produced by Tom Denney, and the first with new vocalist Aaron Melzer. The album sold over 10,000 copies on its first month, and reached number 59 on Billboard 200 chart in 2013. The deluxe edition of the album was released on May 27, 2014, with 3 new songs and a remix of the track “Ready for Repair”.

Am I the man I’m supposed to be
Or did they get the whole thing wrong?
These days I wish I never wrote a single song
For you to sing along
I’m just so scared to find I’m wrong
‘Cause I’ve chased these dreams for way too long

“Fragile Figures” (track 11)

WHOO! Seems a lot to me like SECRETS has done it again! They created a magnificent record that wasn’t all that original but could be listened to damn near nonstop, round the clock, day in, day out. And you know what? I say it “wasn’t all that original,” but that was before I got my hands on the Deluxe Edition tracks, 4 total.

They are all spectacular standing proof of growth within the ranks of SECRETS’ music. I don’t know if it’s due to the lineup change between The Ascent (2012) and now, but who really cares? Aaron Melzer and Richard Rogers toss the vocals back and forth with precision, masterful overlap and a charm that makes me wanna hear more, no matter how many times I have in fact already heard it. And guess what? The deluxe tracks are all standout tracks for me!

“Dance of the Dead,” “Heartbreak Kids,” “The Wild” and “Ready for Repair (Captain Midnite Remix)” are hands down among the best tracks on the record.

Which is a difficult thing considering that the entire record makes me wanna lose my damn mind. (In a blissful way, of course.)

Going back to the instrumentation-vocalization balance in SECRETS’ music sets off fireworks of nostalgia in me, for some reason. It’s like coming home to a nice, long hug of what you really wanna hear – good music, good lyrics, straight-up post-hardcore at its purest.

“Dance of the Dead” kicks off the deluxe edition – and I’m already melting within the first few chords – but the standard edition begins with “How We Survive,” which is probably the second track that got me to fall in love with SECRETS in the first place. I don’t know if I ever mentioned it before, but I discovered them through Spotify Radio early this year, so I heard a mix of new and old songs off both Fragile Figures and The Ascent. “How We Survive” and “Ready for Repair,” track 2, were the two that kept cropping up, waiting for me to finally take the bait.

I could walk through this whole album naming off the greatness of each individual song and prolly even enumerate the times I’ve spent endlessly listening to them as well, but I feel like it’d be beating a done-been-dead horse after the praise I’ve showered over previous tracks.

“Maybe Next May” (track 10) reminds me of a rebooted, improved version of The Ascent‘s “The Heartless Part” (I mean that in the best way possible); “Infinite Escape” makes me wanna crawl back into my teen years with the understanding that this song brings me about music and letting it be my infinite escape.

You’re not as hopeless as you think
You mean everything
Let music take away the pain
To be your infinite escape
You’re not as hopeless as you think (the bond of unity)
Let music take away the pain

“Infinite Escape”  (track 11)

So, what, pray tell, is preventing me from givin’ Fragile Figures (Deluxe Edition) a full 5 stars? Sorry to say it, but “Sleep Well, Darling” leaves a little something to be desired. It’s not a bad song, but it’s the only one – the only one – on the entire record that I’ve ever skipped. Not all the time, but let’s just say it’s only recently that I stopped skipping it.

Barring that, though, this album is magical in its mischief. I seriously look forward to what else SECRETS has to offer in the future.



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