Othella by Therin Knite

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Othella by Therin KniteOthella by Therin Knite

Series: Arcadian Heights #1

Rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

Welcome to Arcadian Heights, where the world’s brightest minds go in…and don’t come out.



Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Georgette McClain can’t resist a juicy tip. So when a rumored crazy ex-CEO gifts her evidence of a vast conspiracy involving the world’s premier scientific community, Arcadian Heights, she sets her sights on the story of a lifetime. And all she has to do to grab it by the reins is sneak into the most secure facility in the world—and expose it for the slaughter house it is.


Tech company CEO Marco Salt has it all. Fame. Fortune. Family. But not long after Marco’s beloved genius daughter is invited to join Arcadian Heights, a rogue agent reveals to him the horrifying truth about the revered scientific community. Forced to flee for his life, Marco finds himself on the run with a deadly secret in his grasp and a single goal in mind: destroy Arcadian Heights.


Quentin Belmont has been the Arcadian Heights spokesman for the better part of two decades, and his singular motivation is to keep the community safe at all costs. So when an internal incursion leaks vital information to an outside party, Quentin preps a “cleanup” without a second thought. But what at first appears to be a simple task turns out to be anything but, and Quentin comes face to face with the unthinkable—a threat that could annihilate the community once and for all.

I was provided an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review. S’got nothing to do with my opinion of this book or my review of it. At all.

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I am so thankful for this book. I am so thankful for Therin Knite. I have been slogging through dull, bad and slow reads – sometimes a combination of the three – for months by this point. Luckily Knite just so happened to be releasing Othella at the perfect time to rescue me from this sludge I’ve been trudging through.

Never before have I read a book so gripping, so intense, so literally action-packed, that I tore through the pages regardless of my audience. I’m a slow reader, and I read this 300-some-paged book in a little over a week. That’s insane for me. I usually read books for like a month. And this one? 10 days?

Yeah. It’s that good.

Othella follows three protagonists who are expertly balanced, each hardened in similar way by their words, but each differentiated to such a degree that I never confused their voices.

This isn’t hot shrapnel tearing fatty chunks out of my thighs or a meth lab blowing up in my face or a machine gun pointed at me from a gangster’s limousine. I’m not out to wreck something I’ve always known as dark and nasty and unforgivable. We”re talking about a new kind of terror. The kind that wears the nice guy mask.

-7% (ARC, Georgette)

This chick means business. Yeah, she may be a reporter, but she may as well be a damned soldier. She’s been all over the world – usually in the face of danger as well – and taken it all on the chin. I wouldn’t wanna ever cross her. But she’s not all hardness and rough edges, either; Georgette, despite her hideous name, was my favorite character.

Before it crosses the threshold, Salt mumbles, “What are you going to do to me?”

I dab at the blood pooling on my collar. “Remove the inefficient parts. The parts that cause all the problems, all the time. That have always caused our problems. The parts that have built empires and ground them into dust. The parts that make us act when we shouldn’t yet idle when we should. You know, Dr. Salt: the human parts.”

-10% (ARC, Quentin)

Tell me that quote above doesn’t give you the absolute chills? I’m no scaredy cat when it comes to my entertainment – I laugh and horror movies (if they’re poorly done, anyway, which most are) and seem immune to horror novels (I can’t be the only one) – but Quintin could vie for his own position as a horror villain.

In a kind of way, I guess he already is. Although, he’s just the protagonist of his own story – and one of three of Othella.

Watching his transformation pretty much creeped me the fuck out. I don’t often get wrapped up in old dude characters, but he was definitely the exception to my rule. For the first time in a long time, I had a character that I loved to hate and hated to love. It was awesome.

Logic. I live on it. I breathe it. So why can’t I buy it now?

-14% (ARC, Marco)

While Georgette was my favorite, and Quentin was fun to hate, Marco was without a doubt the most relateable of all the characters. This poor dude is roped into the mess that is Arcadian Heights by circumstances entirely out of his control, and watching him spiral out of it – control, that is – made my tender little heart hurt at times.

It’s not just the characters of Othella that are amazing, though. The entire world is multifaceted, nuanced, gradated and well-integrated into the atmosphere of the overall narrative. It dovetails perfectly with Knite’s exquisite – and, honestly, enviable – handle of the language and of the craft. It drives me crazy how crisp and clean and sharp every single word is in this novel.

So why not the last 0.5 stars? *sigh* The timeline overlaps. It’s nothing wrong with it inherently – it’s actually executed with more precision and clarity than most – but I don’t see the point of it. Yes, it builds tension and suspense and all that happy horseshit, but I just don’t get why. At the end, it catches up to the present (obviously), so does book two take place in different time periods between POVs, too?

Like I said, regardless of the reasons behind it, the time lapses were pretty much perfection.

Well, you know fuckin’ what? This whole book was perfection. Knite is quickly growing into a force to reckon with. You know that song that goes “WUTANG CLAN AIN’T NOTHIN’ TO FUCK WIT’!”? Yeah, well, this book just raised the mantra, “THERIN KNITE AIN’T NOTHIN’ TO FUCK WIT’!”


3 thoughts on “Othella by Therin Knite

    Harliqueen said:
    1 July 2014 at 523

    After that review, I’m going to have to pick up a copy! :D

      Sierra responded:
      1 July 2014 at 558

      Yessss! Trust me, even though there isn’t a drop of romance, you won’t regret it.

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