Caps Lock Classics: “Shōnen Heart” by Home Made Kazoku

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Well, now! This is a feature I’ve been contemplating for the longest, and I’ve finally decided to implement it here on Caps Lock Thinks, which is Caps Lock Classics. It’s my way to share the awesome songs that shaped my adolescence and the memories I’m absolutely inundated with whenever I listen to them. These “classics” vary in genre and significance – even language – but they’re all dear to me in their own ways.


First on the chopping block?

“Shōnen Heart” by Home Made Kazoku

Aaahh, yes, a fair share of CLCs will be theme songs from anime because that’s basically all I did growing up – listen to music, watch anime, play games. Now, “Shōnen Heart” nor Home Made Kazoku are the first of these I came up with, but it’s what I was listening to when I decided to start up my CLCs.

Anyone who’s watched Eureka 7 will recognize this song – also, maybe, under “Shounen no Haato” – and it’s particularly important to me because there’s a period of time where I remember I always used to just fall asleep in my mom’s bed far past any age that a kid should be in anyone else’s bed, but it was because she had the big screen TV (that’s how long ago this was – we didn’t even have a flat screen yet; “big screens” were still the thing) and I’d stay up to watch [adult swim] as long as I could.

(They were the only channel playing decent anime.)

So this song always brings back memories of having passed out in my mom’s bed and waking up in the middle of the night, seeing this on TV and jamming out to it mentally because I was too tired to do it physically.

That’s all for this one! Hopefully this feature sticks; I really wanna venture into the depths of my eclectic tastes and share them with y’all. Who knows? I may clue someone in to something they’d’ve never considered listening to before. And I love that more than I love a lot of things. :]


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