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About MeHowdy! Sierra here.

I’m 2o-some, but I feel like I’m still 17. I’m also currently U.S. Army, Enlisted. I love listenin’ to music, reading, writing, gaming, watchin’ TV and movies and all sorts of things. I also have a lot of opinions about these things.

I need somewhere to stash my reviews because I don’t like the idea of depending on a site under someone else’s whim. If I had known there was such a thing as review blogging, trust me, I would’ve made this move a loooong time ago.

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Permashift is my primary blog. Feel free to take a look – it ain’t gonna bite. ;]

I also have an author site because I’m a published author, and it’s what all the cool kids were doin’. The Soul is my first novel – the first in a futuristic LGBTQ dark fantasy series.

Email me a capsoncarrillo@gmail.com or send a tweet my way at @S_R_Carrillo – I enjoy making friends with other bibliophiles and writers and unofficial movie critics.

A little about what I like: the darkness. I’m all about life on the shadowed side. Fluff and sweetness kinda bore me. My favorite thing is a book or movie or whatever that takes everyday diversity in stride – those with disabilities, those with unconventional gender identities, those with nonstandard sexual orientations, those with malfunctioning moral compasses, those with nonwhite nationalities, those who don’t fit the black-and-white mold of modern society, everyone, getting their own story, finally.

Also violence. And sex. Heap ’em on.

I’m entertained by things all over the spectrum, though. For instance, my two favorite movies of all-time are, in this order, The Lion King and Donnie Darko.


2 thoughts on “About & Contact

    Hayley Knighten said:
    12 April 2014 at 648

    holy crap! you do have another blog!

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